Collaboration and exploration gave Committee Member Ellison Tan a memorable 2 years with SDEA

With the current committee ending their term of 2019-2021 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 4th August, we sat down with some of the committee members to reflect on an eventful 2 years. 

Being able to create and produce gave Committee Member Ellison Tan a memorable 2 years with SDEA. Ellison believed in digging deeper into the value of the community of SDEA. Read what she has to say rounding up her term being in the SDEA committee.  

What are you most proud of accomplishing over the past 2 years as a committee member? 

With the support of the Digital Presentation Grant, and together with SDEA Members Shalyn Yong and Tan Chia Wei, we produced and created "Still Human: Different" - a collaborative project with Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and presented at the YOUth Alive!.

The process in creating Still Human: Different was documented by Akanksha Raja. Read more about Still Human: Different, and how the team created the project here.

What is something you have learnt serving on the committee? 

That it is so important to know the vision and mission of an organization, and to know it well. SDEA has multiple projects/events throughout the year, and the committee members are often in charge of heading a few of them within a year. Understanding the vision and mission of the organization is essential in clarifying our intentions for the work that we do.  

What are your plans after your term is over in August? 

I plan to continue advocating for SDEA, and for drama educators. 

What are some words of advice you would like to give the next committee? 

Advocacy can be powerful even in the daily, and even in the smallest acts, so don't underestimate that.  

Ellison’s term as Treasurer will end at the Annual General Meeting on 4th August 2021, where a new committee will be elected. If you are a member, we invite you to attend the AGM and/or run for committee. Find out more information here.