Tina Sergeant Professional Development Initiative

The Tina Sergeant Professional Development Initiative (TSPDI) is a fund to support freelance practitioners and drama educators to make professional development a regular part of their lives.

The Tina Sergeant Professional Development Initiative (TSPDI) is a funding initiative by the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) to support freelance practitioners and drama educators to make professional development a regular part of their lives. 

This initiative is named after Christina Sergeant, a drama educator and founding member of SDEA who believed strongly in the importance of continually learning and growing, and giving back to the community. 

Selected applicants will be awarded up to $500 (varies according to programme) to take part in selected SDEA programmes, masterclasses, or training programmes. 

Application Process 

  1. When the application window is open, applicants may fill in and submit the application form 
  2. TSPDI applications will be reviewed by a pre-determined Selection Panel based on the application form and/or an interview 
  3. The shortlisted applicant may then be interviewed by the assessment panel 


  1. Applicants must be: 

    1. Associate or Ordinary members of SDEA, 
    2. Practicing, returning, theatre practitioners or drama educators with active practice and/or teaching experience, and 
    3. Contributing to the Singapore drama education landscape. 
  2. Successful applicants are eligible to receive a grant of up to $500 for each selected professional development programme.  

  3. Grant quantum for an individual is capped to $500 over a period of 2 calendar years prior to the current application.  
    e.g., If an applicant has received an amount of $200 in 2022 or 2023, the quantum awarded for the current application can only be a maximum of up to $300 ($500 - $200). 

  4. The above will not apply to successful applications made before 1st October 2021 

  5. Applications must be submitted prior to the commencement of the selected professional development programme to be considered. The deadline for submission will be made known alongside the selected professional development programme.  


  1. Applicants may be requested and empowered to advocate through SDEA, for the advancement of their profession after the professional development programme is complete. The applicant may suggest how they wish to carry out this advocacy work. Alternatively, the Selection Panel may determine this to be done in one of the following formats:  

    1. Sharing at an SDEA networking or professional development event  
    2. Verbal or written reflections that are suitable for sharing with a wider community 
    3. Video interview on the impact of the programme 
    4. Other appropriate means to highlight the value of the selected professional development programme or to advance the mission and vision of SDEA

Only shortlisted candidates may be interviewed.

Level Up! Fest 2021

The upcoming Level Up! Fest 2021 will have several programmes that are eligible for TSPDI funding.

Members may apply for any of the following programmes as part of Level Up! Fest 2021:

Members will need to first apply for the programme before being given the link through a confirmation email to apply for the TSPDI.

As the cost of all programmes is below the maximum $500 quantum, these courses can be fully funded by the TSPDI.

For enquiries, do send us an email at hello@sdea.org.sg.