When I open the door to SDEA, it's always exciting for me that it's going to be a constructive meeting where we achieve so much in that short amount of time.

- Koh Hui Ling, Associate Director of Drama Box , Programming Member, SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2015

Join us in advancing the profession of the drama/theatre educator, advocating for the practice and value of drama and theatre.


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1-for-1 Deals for Level Up! Fest

Invite a player 2 to press start! Levelling up is so much more fun when done with a friend. As such, we're offering 1-for-1 passes to selected workshops for Level Up! Fest 2021

Level Up! Fest is back this November

Level Up! Fest is back with over 20 workshops and programmes to get you levelled up for "The Future of Drama Education"! From workshops and courses, to getting an affordable new headshot, it's time to Level Up! this November.

Presenting the New SDEA Committee for 2021 - 2023

At the 19th Annual General Meeting held on 4th August 2021, SDEA voted in a new committee for 2021-2023.

Upcoming Programmes

Level Up! Fest 2021 is here! Check out these upcoming workshops and programmes.

Level Up! Fest 2021

Throwing A Light on Theatre-Making: Finding Spaces to Listen

In this re-screening of the opening keynote from the Theatre Arts Conference 2021, **Professor Helen Nicholson** will ask how drama educators in theatres and schools can work together and find new ways to listen well, and in the company of others.


November 19, 2021

Level Up! Fest 2021

[COMPLETED] Level Up! Fest 2021: Headshots

Put your best face forward! Your headshot is your first impression, and making a great first impression that captures who you are counts! Come down to SDEA Office for your's by professional photographer, Boban James!

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