... Without SDEA, I don't think we would know that this person is doing this work and that person is doing that work, it's a very good way of forming a community.

- Tan Yin Wei, MOE School Educator, SDEA Member

Join us in advancing the profession of the drama/theatre educator, advocating for the practice and value of drama and theatre.


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A Revamp of Our Website

Over the past half a year or so, we have been working on revamping our website to better reflect and enable us to advocate for the value and practice of drama/theatre. Feel free to explore the new site, and stay tuned for more!

Hello, Goodbye - Changes in the Secretariat

An update on the secretariat, and when you can find us in the office.

Focus Group for Standard Contract Terms and Conditions

A while back, we did an open call for participants to take part in a focus group led by attorney Roland Samosir. The first meeting of this focus group will be on 27th February, 10am - 12pm!

Upcoming Programmes

From professional development opportunities to conferences, check out what's next at SDEA

Talks and Webinars

SDEA Chit Chat: Spotlight on Applied Theatre

Sit in with Ghazali Muzakir, Renee Chua, Aisha Shaik, and Elizabeth Loh as they have a casual chat about their journeys as applied theatre practitioners and how they approach their practice to engage communities and explore issues that may otherwise remain unearthed.

SDEA Let's Connect

Let's Connect: Roadmaps

Join us for an evening of jamming as we create the roadmap of dreams for the drama education landscape.


May 22, 2021

Theatre Arts Conference

Theatre Arts Conference 2021 - Creative Disruption: Exploring New Ground

Challenge your ideas of inclusivity, community, and creativity at the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2021 - Creative Disruption: Exploring New Ground.

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