SDEA you became my community. Thank you so much for years of inspiration, encouragement and motivation.

- Jacyntha England, SDEA Member

Join us in advancing the profession of the drama/theatre educator, advocating for the practice and value of drama and theatre.


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SDEA Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches for Arts Educators - Early Childhood

ETLA-EC is a 36-hour course designed to equip artists with key knowledge, skills and disposition to work with children in the early years, primarily ages 4 to 6 years. This course offers a platform for artists to delve deeper into the foundation of their teaching beliefs and how that shapes their practices that are aligned with the principles of teaching and learning in early childhood (arts) education.

Refreshed SDEA Committee

We are proud to announce our refreshed SDEA Committee. As per SDEA’s constitution, the Committee is to be made up of six committee members (four office bearers and two to five members). Following Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan's election as president at the recent EGM, the Committee needed to fill role of Vice-President and to co-opt a new committee member.

Drama for Learning in the Tamil Language Classroom (Primary School) / நாடக உத்திகளின் மூலம் தமிழ்மொழி கற்பித்தல்

SDEA's Mother Tongue Language drama workshop is back by popular demand! pecially designed for Tamil Language teachers, this hands-on workshop aims to inspire teachers to actively adapt and employ tools of Drama in their lessons.

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Continuing Education & Training (CET)

SDEA Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches - Community of Practice

As part of our efforts to engage our members, as well as our belief in life-long learning, SDEA has formed an ETLA-Community of Practice (ETLA-COP) where ETLA alumni will come together every quarter to share best practices and new knowledge to advance professional practice.

Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches (ETLA)

SDEA Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches For Arts Educators - Early Childhood

Advance your practice! Learn to create meaningful and imaginative learning experiences for your students and participants with drama.


May 30, 2022
Goodman Arts Centre

Interest Groups

Sketch Comedy Writers Interest Group with Mitchell Fang

Borrowing tips and tricks from comedy writers and writers of comedy, this interest group is a safe space where a regular community of writers experiment with outrageously bad jokes and attempt 'sketch comedy' in collaborative fashion. As actress-comedian Maya Rudolph gently notes, 'you don't have to only be a genius when you write alone'.

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