Celebrate Drama! 2012: Designed for Health Care Workers

Drama can provide a common ground or a different approach to tackle healthcare issues. If you work with challenged individuals or groups, Celebrate Drama! offers different avenues for surfacing discussion, encouraging cognitive and physical integration, as well as building community development. All happening at Celebrate Drama! 2012, The Arts House, 1 & 2 June 2012. Early bird offer - 10% off all bookings ends 15th May. SDEA members get 25% off all bookings till 30th May!

Celebrate Drama! 2012 Designed for Health Care Workers


  • Listen – Teng Zi Ying, Asyraf Aziz and Suzan Karim help identify the different modes of transmissions and recognize the stigma associated with HIV (PLHV) through a performance workshop. 1 June, 2pm - 3.30pm.
  • Drama for the Intellectually Disabled – Edith Podesta shares the practical use of the actor’s body in space and in relation to other actors to develop spatial, dynamic and aesthetic awareness. 2 June, 10am - 1pm.
  • Drama for the Physically Disabled – Edith Podesta gives a practical introduction to devising physical theatre with disabled and non-disabled actors. It will explore various entry points into devising designed to both inspire actors and jump-start the creative process at all levels. 2 June, 2pm - 5pm.
  • Connecting to the Community – Fulbright Distinguished Award Scholar Dr. Jennifer Kulik shares a local community drama program designed to help strengthen intergenerational understanding. This VIA project sharing looks at how Reminiscence Theatre and Playback Theatre strategies are used to build relationships between students from Victoria Junior College and elders from the Touch Centre during an 8 week programme. 2 June, 10am - 1pm.
  • Empty Bowl – Joseph Tan, Afriyanto Ayub and Suzan Karim, approach Anorexia through story, interacting with different characters, and solving dilemmas through drama. 2 June, 10am - 11.30am.
  • To Timor with Love – Find out how Shalyn Yong and Fatin Syahirah use drama for children to increased awareness of different diseases and their preventive measures. This workshop is mentored by Suzan Karim. 2 June, 11.30am - 1pm.


  • Just Stressed Lah! – A play with a cast of teachers and students that explores stress-related issues through their eyes. Directed by Ahmad Musta’ain Khamis, final year Drama undergraduate at NIE and Marianne Sim who teaches Foundation Drama through to ‘O’ level Drama classes at CHIJ Katong Secondary School. 1 June, 7pm - 9pm.
  • The Journey – A performance with 9 persons with Down Syndrome and one person with Autism that combines movement and music with some text. Conceptualised and directed by Julius Foo and assisted by Jean Ng, this piece includes a talk-back after the show to share the process. 2 June, 2pm - 3.30pm.
  • Self:Harm – This devised performance by Theatre:Connect address an “Issue” that is never discussed, at least, not in public. It showcases young people’s lives and what we can do to make it a little easier. There will also be a discussion on the process of devising a piece on a sensitive and potentially risky topic. Directed and facilitated by Rosemary McGowan. 2 June, 2pm - 5pm.
  • Catch You When You Fall – A showcase of original 10 minute plays on suicide prevention created by students from various schools and curated by Mohamad Shaifulbahri Sawal. There will be a discussion after the showcase with the performers and IMH. 1 & 2 June, 7pm - 9pm.
  • Say No to Dengue – This free performance combines both Forum Theatre and Theatre-in-Education for lower primary school children. It imparts knowledge and Dengue-prevention techniques which is a valuable take-away for all. Presented by Carin Tay, Wu Minyu, Chng Yi Kai and Muhammad Shafarie and mentored by Suzan Karim. 1 & 2 June.

All happening at Celebrate Drama, The Arts House, 1& 2 June 2012. Early bird offer - 10% off all bookings ends 15th May. SDEA members get 25% off all bookings till 30th May! Check out Celebrate Drama! 2012's full programme run-down and book now at www.bytes.sg. Visit Celebrate Drama! 2012 Facebook Events Page here, or follow our Facebook page at SGDramaEdAssn for programme updates.