Characters In Transition

Lazzi provide the basic opportunity for playfulness.

The difference between gags and lazzi is that the latter always have a human reference. A gag can be purely mechanical or absurd; it can leave one kind of logic behind and suggest a different one, but the lazzo always brings out an element of the character’s humanity.

This workshop will focus on the visual aspects of characterization. Participants will make use of sign mime and explore the use of characters with mimed props, playing multiple characters and character transitions. While the attributes of stock, stereotypical characters will be explored, participants will also look at some of the subtle nuances of characterization in performance. Striking characterisations are exaggerated to create a comic or grotesque effect. 

Suitable For:

  • Drama & Theatre Educators
  • Drama & Theatre Students
  • Anyone with some experience in theatre/drama and interested in accessibility

Access Service(s) Available:

  • Singapore Sign Language Interpretation

Workshop Fee

Standard Registration: S$200.00

SDEA Members: S$160.00

(inclusive of admin and registration fee)

Workshop Application

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Registration Deadline: 15 Dec 2023

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