[COMPLETED] Throwing A Light on Theatre-Making: Finding Spaces to Listen

In this re-screening of the opening keynote from the Theatre Arts Conference 2021, Professor Helen Nicholson will ask how drama educators in theatres and schools can work together and find new ways to listen well, and in the company of others.

2020 changed the world, making it almost impossible to imagine what the world will be. Overnight homes became schools, performance became digital and moved to TikTok or YouTube, and theatres were illuminated only by ghost lights. The Black Lives Matter Movement threw a spotlight on social injustice on an international scale, and the pandemic revealed the depth of inequality experienced by young people. In this context it would be easy for drama and theatre education to repeat familiar refrains about its benefits to young people in times of crisis and uncertainty. But as drama educationalists grapple with the challenges of social distancing, isolation and unpredictable learning environments, do we need a different set of vocabularies to shape new drama education? What ideas still work, and what needs to be reconsidered? 

Following the re-screening of SDEA’s Theatre Arts Conference 2021 keynote, drama educators will engage in a discussion to explore contextualising this presentation to the Singaporean context, as well as discuss ways in which they can enhance their competencies to address new challenges.

Date: Monday, 1st November 2021, 7PM - 9PM
Venue: Online Via Zoom
Price: Free Admission by Registration

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Helen Nicholson is Professor of Theatre and Performance at Royal Holloway, University of London where she specialises in theatre education, applied theatre and contemporary performance. Helen's work has published widely on drama education and is particularly interested in the different environments in which learning happens. She is currently leading research on education and participatory programmes with the Royal National Theatre, and the Young Vic Theatre in London.