Connections 2016 Forum: Youth-led Community Projects Using Drama

On 11 Mar 2016, an edition of Connections was organised to look at how schools and youth leaders can engage with communities meaningfully through drama. The session was thought-provoking and offered much food for thought about the impact, design and motivations for student directed community projects. Special thanks goes out to the amazing speakers Oniatta Effendi, Vishnucharan Naidu, Noor Izzaty, Khee Shihui and Koh Hui Ling for sharing the importance of heart in their work with the community. We hope this forum has sparked meaningful conversations among the educators, ministries, students, artists, NGOs and media present. Thank you for your support at Connections!

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Youth-led Community Projects Using Drama – How To Make It Work?

After the success of two popular forums, ‘Drama for Special Needs’ and ‘Competition in Arts Education – Good or Bad?’, SDEA brings you another forum on Youth-led Community Projects using Drama. We pose youths, educators and NGOs the age-old question, How To Make It Work? So you have a love for drama and are thinking about using that special talent in meaningful ways. Maybe your drama club wants to give back to the community this semester and you’re leading the pack? What can you do that makes a real difference? How do you start? Join us at the forum where these questions and more will be posed to youths who have led ethical projects that brought about change for the better in communities they touch. Also, find out things that supervising teachers and NGOs wish you knew before making plans that may affect already fragile communities.

  • Students from Drama Clubs and Service Welfare Clubs, NUS Theatre Studies, LASALLE, NAFA, SOTA, Singapore Polytechnic DADP
  • Teachers from local schools and international schools
  • NGOs looking to work with youths through drama

Come and join us!


  • Oniatta Effendi, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic
  • Vishnu, Student, Singapore Polytechnic
  • Khee Shi Hui, Youth Wing Member and Youth Leader, Drama Box
  • Izzaty, Community Arts Manager, Artsolute

Moderated by:

  • Koh Hui Ling, Associate Artistic Director, Drama Box

About the Forum

Price: Admission is free, registration is required. About Connections Connections is SDEA’s platform to exchange knowledge, build skills, share best practices and have conversations about the arts in an educational context. In this edition of Connections, we look at the how schools and youth leaders can engage with communities meaningfully through drama.