Connections Forum: Drama for Special Needs

The Connections forum titled ‘Drama for Special Needs: Its Benefits and Implementation’ took place on Friday, 9 October 2015 at the library@esplanade to a packed crowd of 48 attendees. The forum was oversubscribed and representatives from 16 special needs schools, principals, counselors and independent teaching artists were in attendance.

During the forum, drama educator Michael Cheng, HOD Aesthetics Esther Kwan from Grace Orchard School, psychologist Faridah Ali Chang from Rainbow Center Training & Consultancy and National Arts Council’s Director (Arts & Youth and Strategic Planning) Kenneth Kwok shared their personal journeys on how they encouraged and supported drama in special needs education.

Drama educator and founder of Act3Theatrics R Chandran, moderated the lively discussion.

The animated panel drew out an insightful and heartfelt discussion with diverse issues brought up affecting different stakeholders in special needs education. Among them were the lack of funding for arts education in special needs schools, the current emphasis on product in drama classrooms instead of process and the importance of seeing the child and his/her abilities and interests first before his/her disability.

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FORUM: Drama for Special Needs - Its Benefits and Implementation

What are the benefits of drama for people with special needs? How does one implement an effective drama programme? What are the challenges facing educators and artists working in today's arts education climate? How do we build an inclusive community of drama enthusiasts? Join our panel of experienced special needs educators, administrators and policymakers as they share their personal journeys on how they encourage and support drama for special needs.


Mr Kenneth Kwok, Director (Arts & Youth and Strategic Planning), National Arts Council Mr Michael Cheng, Drama Educator/Artistic Director, Tapestry Playback Theatre Ms Esther Kwan, HOD Aesthetics, Grace Orchard School Ms Faridah Ali Chang, Psychologist, Rainbow Centre Training & Consultancy

Moderated by:

Mr R Chandran, Founder and Director of Act 3 Theatrics

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Price: Free admission, registration is required. Limited seats.