Drama for Learning in the Chinese Language Classroom (Primary School)/ 应用戏剧,促进华文教学 2023

SDEA's Drama for Learning in the Chinese Language Classroom workshop is back by popular demand!

In this 3-hour session, participants will learn a variety of Drama strategies particularly for the teaching and learning of the Chinese Language. Through this workshop, Chinese Language teachers will develop an understanding of how Drama can extend and deepen the learning of language skills while increasing student engagement and achieving educational goals. Specially designed for Chinese Language teachers, this hands-on workshop aims to inspire teachers to actively adapt and employ tools of Drama in their lessons.

Tailored to Primary School Chinese Language Teachers.

在这三小时的课堂中,参与者能在这专为母语教师设计的工作坊学到各种适用于母语教学的戏剧教育策略。 母语教师能通过这工作坊更深刻了解如何利用戏剧来扩展及深化学生的语言学习能力,提高学生在课堂上的参与度。此外,课堂也能激发教师运用戏剧教材,让教师达到教育目标。


About The Facilitator

Judy Ngo graduated from NUS Theatre Studies programme. She is currently the Artistic Director of 1N THE ACT, a theatre company which focuses on education through the use of Theatresports and Forum Theatre. When she is not teaching, running workshops or directing, she more than happy to act for other theatre companies. Judy cherishes every opportunity to be in the theatre because she firmly believes that theatre is life and life is for living.

吴美箬毕业于新加坡国大戏剧系。她目前是1N THE ACT的艺术总监,该剧团主要从事戏剧教学,运用的手法包括论坛剧场和即兴游戏。美箬除了教课和导戏,她也加其它剧组的演出。她很珍惜每一次演出的机会,因为她深信剧场就是生活。