Masterclass Series: Communicating With Puppets

Artistic director of Paper Monkey Theatre Ltd and puppet master Benjamin Ho facilitated the ‘Communicating with Puppets’ masterclass on 16 January 2016 attended by 13 participants. Benjamin introduced the different kinds of puppets like rod puppets and hand puppets as well as shed light on which best matched different student profiles. Participants were also brought through the steps to make an inexpensive rod puppet from household items such as forks, towels, yarn, a Styrofoam egg that can be easily sourced for classroom activities. The group enjoyed the session which brought them closer to the art form and wished for more time in experimenting with playing with the puppets.

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16 January 2016: Communicating with Puppets

The masterclass series is SDEA’s platform to advocate regular professional development among drama educators, drama trainers and theatre practitioners through flexible and skills-focused 5-hour workshops. We all believe in the magic of puppets but many are deterred from using puppets in their works with young people because they are not sure how to make puppets or perceive of them as being too expensive. Artistic director of Paper Monkey Theatre Ltd Benjamin Ho will demonstrate how to make inexpensive puppets from daily objects that adults and young people alike would enjoy. Also, he will share how to use puppets to create fun and engaging activities for youths. Recommended for educators, drama trainers and theatre practitioners who work with youths.

About Benjamin Ho

Benjamin Ho started his acting debut with Kuo Pao Kun’s play –“Lao Jiu” and co-founded Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble where he wrote and directed many productions. In 1997, The Theatre Practice invited him to be a full time artist with them and he helped set up The Finger Players (TFP). Under TFP, Benjamin continued to write and direct numerous plays that performed in schools and overseas festivals. After a decade with TFP, Benjamin felt a need for change and left TFP to set up Paper Monkey Theatre Ltd in 2008. Under this new company, Benjamin Ho continues his work as the artistic director. He has over 20 years of experience in working with young people using puppets.

Details of Masterclass

Price: SDEA Member $220 ; Non-Member $280 (normal rate)

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