SDEA Chit Chat: Spotlight on Applied Theatre

Leading up to the Theatre Arts Conference, join us for SDEA Chit Chat: Spotlight on Applied Theatre to hear more from four applied theatre practitioners in Singapore!

Applied theatre takes theatrical forms beyond the stage to explore important issues and engage communities. Practitioners work in schools, prisons, hospitals, dormitories, and other spaces you may not expect theatre to be. But how much of this work remains in the wings, hidden from the public eye? What does it mean to be an applied theatre practitioner?

Join us as we shine a spotlight on applied theatre!

Sit in with Ghazali Muzakir, Renee Chua, Aisha Shaik, and Elizabeth Loh as they have a casual chat about their journeys as applied theatre practitioners and how they approach their practice to engage communities and explore issues that may otherwise remain unearthed.

Tune in on Facebook Live at 5pm on Monday, 26th April 2021 at