Connections is a non-partisan platform for open dialogue between stakeholders in the education sector in Singapore.

‘Connections’ is a non-partisan platform for connecting stakeholders in the education sector through open dialogues on current challenges, issues and developments with the aim to inspire change.

Through the various activities organised under ‘Connections’, SDEA has:

  • Used applied drama activities to explore the gaps in inclusivity in education
  • Actively promoted the use of drama as a pedagogy to complement existing teaching practices
  • Initiated and facilitated dialogues with/between various stakeholders such as NAC, MOE (CPDD, ECDA and AEB (formerly CCAB)), NIE (VPA), WDA, teaching artists, educators and various professional theatre companies
  • Conducted drama workshops in partnership with The Kennedy Center (US), CCAB and NAC

Featured Programmes

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Connections 2024 Trajectories: Exploring The Skills Framework For Arts Educators

This iteration of Connections features a diverse group of panelists from the arts education and career development sectors. Join us as we hear from emerging and senior arts educators along with training providers to better understand how arts educators can maximise the use of the newly published skills framework for arts educators.


SDEA Connections 2019: The (R)Evolution of Inclusivity in Education

In 2019, the Compulsory Education Act will be extended to include children with moderate to severe special needs. How ready are we? How can we better prepare and support educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders? Join us for a panel discussion as we explore current and future challenges, through the lens of accessibility, inclusivity, and mindset changes.


SDEA Connections 2019: Working Towards Inclusivity In Education

A workgroup session on creating concrete solutions for inclusivity in education. In February, Connections 2019 had our first panel discussion. A fruitful dialogue ensued, and now we find ourselves thinking, “What’s next?” Join us for a work group session, where we look at the issue of inclusivity in our education landscape from different perspectives


SDEA Connections 2022: Safeguarding of Children in the Arts

The arts deserves to be safe for everyone to take part in. Have we done enough to ensure this, especially for children? With more young ones participating and enjoying the arts and drama, what do we need to consider when working with children in rehearsal rooms, activity spaces, and other arts experiences - both in person and the digital space? How can we create positive change so that these spaces remain safe for creativity to thrive?


Past Projects

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