Level Up! Fest 2021

With over 20 workshops and programmes to get you levelled up for 'The Future of Drama Education'.

Level Up! Fest is back this November, with over 20 workshops and programmes to get you levelled up for 'The Future of Drama Education'.

Level Up! Fest is SDEA’s platform to recognisecelebrate, and bring focus to the importance of the professional development of the theatre/drama educator.

As drama educators adapt to a changing world, how have pedagogies too, adapted and changed? How can we develop more holistic skillsets in our practice to prepare us for the future?

Update your profile with an affordable new headshot. Get inspired at a presentation or a talk Level yourself up at a workshop by facilitators such as Phoebe Chan, Koh Hui Ling, Han Xuemei, Ghazali Muzakir, Judy Ngo, Rosemarie Somaiah and more.

There are many opportunities this November for you to Level Up! and give yourself a booster as a professional in the arts.

Different Ways To Level Up

Invest in your development and level up in 4 different ways: 

Skills, CareerProfile, and Self

Keep your skills sharp and be always prepared for anything that is thrown your way.

Take control, chart the course of your career, and keep a firm eye on the horizon.

Put your best profile forward and make the best first impression.

Keep your self in tip-top shape both physically and mentally.


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1-for-1 Deals for Level Up! Fest

From 26 - 31st October, invite a friend when you get a ticket (non-member price) on the following programmes for Level Up! Fest:

How to get 1-for-1 tickets:

  1. Head to the respective event page to register (click on the event title above)
  2. Select 1-for-1 registration for member/non-member
  3. Fill in your details
  4. When asked for 'number of guests', type '1'
  5. After registration, we will get in touch with you for the details of the second ticket holder.

Aggregated Programmes

Levelling up happens everywhere! Can't find what you're looking for at Level Up! Fest? Check out what our friends and other arts organisations are doing, and the opportunities for you to level up!

From webinars to workshops, check them out by clicking 'aggregated programmes' below!

Featured Programmes

Find out about Level Up! Fest 2021's programmes and join their upcoming sessions.


Past Projects

All past Level Up! Fest 2021 programmes can be found here.