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An international theatre arts conference with a special focus on practices in South East Asia.

All Aboard! - Navigating Crosscurrents of Theatre Arts Practice and Beyond 

The Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) proudly presents the Theatre Arts Conference 2025 (TAC 2025), to be held in Singapore from July 17-19 2025. 

This year's conference, titled ‘All Aboard! - Navigating Crosscurrents of Theatre Arts Practice and Beyond’, invites a diverse community of artists, educators, researchers, and practitioners to embark on a journey through the dynamic intersections of drama and theatre education, community engagement, and performance. 

Participants will explore critical aspects of theatre arts through a multifaceted lens, challenging traditional paradigms and fostering innovative approaches. 

Themes such as hybridity, diaspora, and representation will be unpacked alongside efforts to dismantle the legacies of colonialism in the practice of Drama and Theatre.  

The conference encourages a balanced exploration of traditional knowledge alongside the creation of new insights, promoting Southeast Asian perspectives and content. 

Drawing inspiration from concepts such as ‘un-curating’, ‘de-colonizing’, and ‘un-learning’, TAC 2025 aims to ignite conversations that transcend established methodologies and embrace emerging trends. This platform encourages critical reflection, collaborative learning, and forward-thinking dialogue, aimed at shaping the future of theatre arts education and performance practices in a global context. 

Join us as we navigate the crosscurrents of theatre arts practice and beyond, charting new pathways that redefine the boundaries of creativity and community impact. 

Key Dates

Sep 2024: Open Call for Proposals 

Oct 2024: Announcement of Conference Pass Types and Prices 

Mid-Nov 2024: Deadline for submission of proposal 

Jan 2025: Launch of Sales for Conference Passes 

Jan 2025: Programme Announcement 

17 – 19 Jul 2025: TAC 2025 

*Stay tuned for the latest on exact dates – coming your way soon! 

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