Our SDEA blog features articles, reflections and member highlights, focusing on the good work done by SDEA's members in the community.

Member Spotlight: Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan

Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan (Also known as Asha Nathan), is one of SDEA’s committee members elected in during the AGM 2019. She has since been involved in the planning and execution of many of our programmes including Level Up! Fest, Celebrate Drama! 2020 and the upcoming Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches course.

January 20, 2020

Long standing member, Ahmad Musta’ain Khamis, reminisces on the value of community in SDEA

Ahmad Musta’ain Khamis has been serving the committee for 4 terms, up until last year when he had to leave for Edinburgh for his postgraduate studies. We caught up with him to speak about his time as a committee member, and the value of the SDEA community.

August 19, 2019

Khairul Nizam remembers his gratifying experience as part of the SDEA committee

Khairul Nizam served as the secretary from 2017-2019, leading conversations with members and building relationships with partners in the theatre industry.

August 01, 2019

Committee member Tan Chia Wei reflects on the last 2 years

Tan Chia Wei has been loyally serving SDEA since he first interned in 2012, up until today. Over the years, he has shown great passion for SDEA and its causes, and was most recently the project lead for a successful Connections 2019.

July 23, 2019