From Committee Member to taking up the role of Treasurer, Fazli Ahmad reflects on his enriching journey in SDEA

With the current committee ending their term of 2019-2021 at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 4th August, we sat down with some of the committee members to reflect on an eventful 2 years.  

From Committee Member to serving as treasurer, Fazli Ahmad reflects on his enriching journey in SDEA. Fazli has proven his adaptability in the role he took on at the last AGM with grace, overcoming his insecurity over numbers and tackling the challenge head on.

Outside of his drama education work and serving as treasurer, Fazli goes for gym and dance classes, cycle, watch k-dramas. He likes being at the beach and in the open sea, and enjoys spending quality time with my family and friends. 

What are you most proud of accomplishing over the past 2 years as a committee member, and then treasurer? 

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve as the treasurer and setup the finance department along with Yuxin (Admin and Finance Manager), Rosie (SDEA President), the committee, and the secretariat. 

I am also very honoured to have worked with a team that was so giving and so full of love. 

What is something you have learnt serving as a committee member and treasurer? 

I believe that it is important to plant the seed. Change takes time to happen and that is perfectly okay. There is a right place and right time for everything.  

You joined the committee as a committee member, before transitioning to the role of treasurer midway through. What was the biggest challenge in that transition? 

I believe it was my insecurity over numbers and how I was going to handle a challenge of this magnitude.

I am happy to report that we have a thriving finance department and I couldn’t have done it without Rosie, Yuxin, Michele and the rest of the SDEA family. 

What are your plans after your term is over in August? 

I will continue to give back to SDEA in any way shape or form.

I hope to also learn more about the works of other practitioners in order to enrich my own journey as an educator. 

My alternate Wednesday nights will be filled with more gym classes! 

What are some words of advice you would like to give the next committee? 

When times are tough, just remember that drama changes lives and you have been given a privilege to impact society in a very different way. Now that’s a blessing. 😊 

Fazli’s term as Treasurer will end at the Annual General Meeting on 4th August 2021, where a new committee will be elected. If you are a member, we invite you to attend the AGM and/or run for committee. Find out more information here.