Intern Reflection: Mariam Jamilah

From September 2021 - January 2022, Mariam added much colour and vibrancy to the Secretariat as SDEA's Arts Management Intern.

Find out what Mariam has to say about her time here with us: 

“I think my time in SDEA is an end of a chapter. A reminder of the seed within that was planted from the sudden surge of creative bravery, its roots spreading in the moment of rest. All of which as the flowers bloom and blossom through laughter, art, and more wholesome connections least one forgets that everything ebbs and flows. 

A realisation that there are so many more opportunities to love and to be loved and "what ifs?" for a very hopelessly hopeful romantic-in kinship with 4 starry-eyed young adults with fire in their hearts and childlike innocence so precious. However, so wise if you just created and held space. 

Truthfully, that vulnerability is exhausting but it's the only way to live life but you do it at your own pace. Fear is just Courage not being ready or maybe even not knowing how to speak and that's okay. That means we try, make mistakes, rest, try again, and sometimes chug it to the side. From there, we develop resilience which I personally feel is the gentle acceptance of it is what it is. In that essence, we've always been enough.

I've always been enough.”