Intern Reflection: Tasher Pang

Tasha Pang started her internship with SDEA in August 2021 and recently wrapped her time here with us as an Arts Management Intern in November 2021. You may also seen her around in Project Vocare. Here's what Tasha has to say about her time here with us: 

“My internship with SDEA had been truly pleasant and fruitful. I have gained knowledge on arts advocacy which was something really new to me before my internship. Furthermore, it provided me with a better understanding of the arts management industry. During the span of my internship, I assisted the team in the coordination and execution of Level Up! Fest 2021. Working festival has not only equipped me with the essential skills, it also made me realised the importance of professional development and the importance of creating a safe space for arts practitioners and educators to share their stories and ideas. 

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Secretariat for their guidance and encouragement throughout these four months! This experience has further motivated me to continue exploring and pursuing the arts. ☺”