A Big Leap For Jeremy Leong in 2021

At the end of 2021, we had a chat with our new committee members to reflect on their first 4 months in office.

As secretary, Jeremy leads the SDEA membership department. He is also an Associate Young Storyteller at The Storytelling Centre Limited, a drama educator and co-founder of Zip Zap Zoom Collective, where he produces and creates arts experiences for young audiences.

How has this year been for you?

It has literally ZOOMED by! I’ve never spent so much time online, on Zoom before, and I’m just relieved this rollercoaster of a year has been conquered!

What was your involvement with SDEA this year? How is it memorable?

This year I took the huge leap of running for Secretary this year during AGM. It was memorable to me because it also marks a huge milestone in my professional career in giving back to the very community that has given SO MUCH to me!

How has these past few years influenced your work?

The pandemic has taught me to be adaptive to the ever-changing world around us, and to also be more empathetic to the people we work with; to see my role beyond just delivering content, but also as an opportunity to shape and impact lives.

What's something in 2022 that you are excited about?

I’m excited to be prioritising rest for myself in 2022! To intentionally carve out time for myself to recharge, reflect, and be inspired!

Any last words for the year 2021?


 What would you like to say to the year 2022

“We did it before, we can do it again!”