An exciting new journey for Rashmi Kolsaphirom!

At the end of 2021, we had a chat with our new committee members to reflect on their first 4 months in office.

As a first time committee member, Rashmi Kolsaphirom has getting in on a lot of of the recently SDEA action. She is a speech and drama educator with over a decade of experience teaching children of various ages. She recently completed her Bachelor of Arts and is grateful to be on the new SDEA committee and appreciates all the members for giving her a chance to contribute to the community.  

How has this year been for you?

A year that I'm proud of - I gave birth to my daughter, straddled working online and offline, and joined SDEA as a committee member.

What was your involvement with SDEA this year? How is it memorable?

​It was memorable as I've only interacted with other members online and have yet to meet everyone in person! There is a different learning curve when you take on new challenges and they're all done online, whether it's professional or personal.​

How has these past few years influenced your work?

Covid19 has made me rethink how we can work efficiently while being sensitive to other people's personal lives especially when parents and children were working from home.

What's something in 2022 that you are excited about?

​Meeting everyone in person!

Any last words for the year 2021?

It was a tough year but I'm glad I went through it as it only emphasized that everything is possible.

 What would you like to say to the year 2022

​"I look forward to meeting you!"