Interest Groups

Interest Groups are ground-up initiatives led by members to enable and support their growth and bring the community together. All members are welcome to form an interest group based on what they are passionate about.  

What is an Interest Group? 

An interest group is a group of people who share a common interest. 

This can be purely social such as an interest group on sudoku, dungeons and dragons, or 80s music, or more profession based, such as an interest group for aspiring playwrights, criticism, or a support group. 

Interest groups can also have clear advocacy goals.  

This could be a group focused on discussing safety in rehearsals, terms and conditions in contracts, or advocating for better self-care practices. 

An interest group is about you, your interests, and your growth. The possibilities are limited only by the member’s imagination. 

Starting an Interest Group 

Members can start an interest group by getting in touch with any of our committee members or secretariat, or dropping us an email at Our membership team will get in touch with you to chat about the potential interest group, and any next steps to take things forward. 

Through this meeting, we will take note of your interests and needs of your interest group, and ascertain what support will be needed. 

Secretariat Support 

Interest groups are primarily supported by the Secretariat where appropriate. This may come in the form of administration, space/equipment, or marketing/communications.  

As the goals of interest groups is to give members a chance to lead projects and programmes, the Secretariat will not act as producer, but work alongside the members to help make their aims a reality.  

Existing Member-Led Interest Groups

  • Dungeons and Dragons with Matt Lyon
  • Sketch Comedy Writers Interest Group with Mitchell Fang
  • Outdoor Voices: Arts for Young Audiences Interest Group with Jeremy Leong