Connections 2023:Our Many Colours: Cultural Inclusivity in the Drama Classroom

Students in the drama classroom are expected to learn about various kinds of characters and walk in their shoes to tell a story on the stage. However, how often do these characters reflect our culturally diverse society? Who gets to decide the kinds of stories we tell in the drama classroom?

This year’s Connections 2023 consists of a panel discussion that participants can join in person or online and a closed-door dialogue. 

Time  Activity
 11am - 1pm Closed -Door Dialogue  (Invited Speakers only)
 1pm - 2:30pm Lunch
 3pm - 4:30pm Panel Discussion  (Panelists to be confirmed)

*Registrations are open for the Panel Discussion only. 

Panel Discussion Details:

Date: Saturday, 4th March 2023

Time: 3pm to 4:30pm

Venue: (In-person) library@esplanade

(Online) Zoom 

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