Refreshed SDEA Committee

As per SDEA’s constitution, the Committee is to be made up of six committee members (four office bearers and two to five members). Following Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan's election as president at the recent EGM, the Committee needed to fill role of Vice-President and to co-opt a new committee member.  

Co-Option of Tabitha Surita as Vice-President 

With strong support within the Committee, committee member Tabitha Surita has stepped up to take on the role of Vice-President for 2022 – 2023, effective 20 April. 

Co-option of new Committee Member, Adeeb Fazah 

We are also proud to share that  Drama Educator and Practitioner Adeeb Fazah has been co-opted on 20 April as a committee member for Committee 2021-2023.  

The six elected Committee Members and their roles are:

President (2022-2023): Aishwariyah Shanmuganathan

President (2021-2022): Rosemary McGowan*

Vice-President (2021-2022): Tabitha Surita

Vice-President (2021-2022): Aishwariya Shanmuganathan

Secretary: Jeremy Leong Tze Wei

Treasurer: Banupriya Ponnarasu

Committee Members:

Rashmi Koslaphirom

Adeeb Fazah Bin Anwar Aziz Marican (2022-2023)

Tabitha Surita (2021-2022)

Refreshed and ever fervent in their passion in arts and education, the Committee looks forward to working with you and serve SDEA!