SDEA Essentials of Teaching and Learning Approaches for Arts Educators - Early Childhood

ETLA-EC is a 36-hour course designed to equip artists with key knowledge, skills and disposition to work with children in the early years, primarily ages 4 to 6 years. This course offers a platform for artists to delve deeper into the foundation of their teaching beliefs and how that shapes their practices that are aligned with the principles of teaching and learning in early childhood (arts) education.

With a strong emphasis on applied learning, this course provides artists with hands-on learning experiences - observing and applying the knowledge and skills learnt during the course in an early childhood context. In addition to building upon individual’s artform skills and knowledge, artists may explore working collectively to create interdisciplinary arts experiences with and/or for young children. SDEA will be partnering with Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) to facilitate practicum sessions for course participants in 3 of their preschools. 

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion, which is recognised by the National Arts Council. This Certificate satisfies the minimum pedagogical requirement for arts instructors to conduct NAC-AEP Arts Experience programmes in preschools.