Level Up! Fest is back this November

As drama educators adapt to a changing world, how have pedagogies too, adapted and changed? How can we develop more holistic skillsets in our practice to prepare us for the future?

This year’s Level Up! Fest 2021 explores “The Future of Drama Education”, with over 20 workshops and programmes (both online through Zoom and face-to-face) categorised into four different strands; “Self”, “Skills”, “Career”, and “Profile”.

Programmes offered this year include essential first aid courses run in partnership with the Singapore First Aid Training Centre, Workshops for Drama in the Learning of Mother Tongues, and a chance to get a new affordable headshot by Boban James.

“This pandemic has forcibly pushed many to adapt to the new norm of livelihood, and we have seen some level of the detrimental impact it has on various social sectors already. Education, is one of them.”, says Rosemary McGowan, SDEA President 2021-2023, “Through Level Up! Fest 2021, we hope to equip educators and practitioners with the tools, and be ready for ‘The Future of Drama Education’.” 

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