Increased Safe Management Measures and how it affects the Arts in Singapore

On 30th April, 4th May, and 14th May, the Ministry of Health (Singapore) announced tighter safe management measures to contain the rising trend in COVID-19 community cases. The arts in Singapore is invariably affected, and we have been keeping a close eye on the situation, and how it affects drama educators, teaching artists, practitioners, our members, and anyone else who works in and loves the arts.

As of today, 14th May, the Ministry of Health has released a press release, announcing even tighter measures. You can find the full press release here.

Here are some parts of that release that may be pertinent to you.

Here are some points from the recent press release by the Ministry of Health, Singapore on new measures starting on 16th May 2021. More information can be found in the press release in the link below.


C) Cessation of Indoor “Mask-Off” Activities

9 ...indoor “mask-off” activities such as dine-in F&B establishments will cease during this period. Other activities which will also not be allowed during this period include strenuous indoor exercise class or strenuous individual and group indoor sports and exercise activities.

In addition, personalised services which require masks to be removed (e.g. facials and saunas), singing, and the playing of instruments that require intentional expulsion of air (e.g. wind or brass instruments) will also not be allowed. These restrictions will not apply to medical and dental consultations that require patients to have their masks off. Please see details in following paragraphs and in Annex A:


11. Reduction of Activity and Event Sizes and Pre-Event Testing Requirements.

To minimise the likelihood of large cluster formations, we will further scale down event sizes and lower the event size caps. Pre-event testing (PET) remains an essential measure to help ensure that events can proceed safely for attendees.


c. Attractions and shows.

The operating capacity of attractions that have received MTI’s prior approval will be reduced to 25% from the current permissible capacity of 50%. Indoor and outdoor shows may proceed with up to 100 persons with PET, and up to 50 persons without PET.

d. Museums and public libraries.

Museums and public libraries will be allowed to operate at a reduced capacity of 25%.

e. Cinemas.

Up to 100 persons may be allowed into cinema halls with PET implemented. Without PET, only up to 50 persons may be allowed. The prevailing group size of 2 persons applies, and food and beverages may not be sold or consumed in the cinema.

f. MICE and live performances.

Up to 100 persons may be allowed with PET, and up to 50 persons may be allowed without PET. Unmasking is not allowed for speakers and performers, and there should be no singing or playing of instruments that require intentional expulsion of air (e.g. wind and brass instruments).


Upcoming SDEA programmes like the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference, Let's Connect: BYO, and Arts Education in the Early Years [Workshop] will be continuing as planned, as fully-online programmes.

Information from the National Arts Council and the Ministry of Education has not yet been released (as of 14 May 5:22pm). We will share this information on our website and on our Facebook page as soon as we get any information.

We can get through this together.