Drama in Curriculum SG

Drama in Curriculum SG Campaign

Advocating for Drama Education to have a greater presence in Singapore's primary school curriculum

Our Cause

In response to a parliamentary question by NMP Usha Chandradas (see here in full), The Ministry of Education stated that they will “continue to review how drama can be used in schools to support the holistic development of students”.

Drama is vital and empowering. It builds confidence, curiosity, and cultivates empathy and understanding. It equips young people with the tools to navigate a divisive and ever-changing world, enables more active learning and nurtures social and emotional well-being. Drama creates more holistic and inclusive leaders for the future.

Currently, art and music education are provided for all students in primary schools and at the lower-secondary level. We believe drama should be a part of that too, for the holistic development of not just students, but all future Singaporeans.

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Share your voice

Every voice matters! Share your thoughts, experiences and memories in our community space. Regardless of whether you're an arts educator, student, or just someone who believes in the difference that Drama Education can make in young lives - We want to hear from you!

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Listed are some suggested resources that share valuable input, research and knowledge on the effectiveness of Drama Education. We have collated these resources, to better inform on the importance of including Drama Education in our school curricula in Singapore. The resources listed are solely for the purposes of knowledge sharing and do not belong to SDEA. All credits belong to the authors listed in the individual documents.

This list is not exhaustive and we will continuously update it. You can help expand it by providing resources by emailing us office@sdea.org.sg

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