Dungeons and Dragons Interest Group with Matt Lyon

Improv, characterisation, collaborative storytelling, and lots and lots of dice!

Matt Lyon looking to run an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign for 4 or 5 people once a week for 3 to 4 hours each session.

Will you play a steadfast Dwarf fighter, a charismatic Elf bard, or a sneaky Human rogue? Whatever character you choose to create, the world of Xenthia will present you with tests of courage, ingenuity and role-play, and reward you with righted wrongs, camaraderie and loot!

Trigger warning: this campaign is set in a sociopolitically complex world, and will explore themes of discrimination based on fantasy races and fantasy religions.

While the rules of D&D can get pretty intricate, we'll be starting simple and building up slowly, so no prior experience is required. But this is a game that gets better over time, so hopefully you'll stick around for the long run!

The world needs you. Bring snacks.