All past Connections programmes can be found here.

Past Events

All past Connections programmes can be found here.


Connections 2024 | Trajectories: Exploring The Skills Framework For Arts Educators

Join a diverse group of panellists from the arts education and career development sectors in a panel discussion on navigating the Skills Framework. How do arts educators like ourselves utilise the Skills Framework to map out our career paths? How can this be translated into tangible actions? What gaps are there, and how can we navigate them?


Connections 2023: Our Many Colours: Cultural Inclusivity in the Drama Classroom

Students in the drama classroom are expected to learn about various kinds of characters and walk in their shoes to tell a story on the stage. However, how often do these characters reflect our culturally diverse society? Who gets to decide the kinds of stories we tell in the drama classroom? Join us at Connections 2023:Our Many Colours: Cultural Inclusivity in the Drama Classroom as we interrogate the cultural representation in our drama classrooms, syllabi, texts, and what role drama educators play in creating the safe space for explorations in cultural inclusivity.


SDEA Connections 2022: Safeguarding of Children in the Arts

Join us at Connections 2022: Safeguarding of Children in the Arts and take part in discussions to make the arts safe for everyone to enjoy. These discussions will form the basis for further efforts into making structural changes in the arts.


(Postponed) Connections 2020: Inspiring Engagement - Swiping Right On The Arts Panel Discussion

What do we desire from the Arts? What is effective engagement? How do we measure the quality/effectiveness of the Arts? On Saturday, 15th February, swipe right on the arts and join us for a **panel discussion on Arts Engagement** at Connections 2020!

Connections 2020 - Digital Arts Engagement: Zoom Ahead or Hit Pause?

COVID-19 has pushed artists into the digital space, which has been both a boon and a bane. Patrons and practitioners have been sorely missing our theatres and our studios begging the question – should we Zoom Ahead or Hit Pause?


Connections 2019: The (R)Evolution of Inclusivity in Education

In 2019, the Compulsory Education Act will be extended to include children with moderate to severe special needs. How ready are we? How can we better prepare and support educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders? Join us for a panel discussion as we explore current and future challenges, through the lens of accessibility, inclusivity, and mindset changes.

Connections 2019: Communicating Through Object Puppetry (Postponed Until Further Notice)

Join us for Communicating through Object Puppetry, a workshop conducted by Tan Beng Tian, SDEA member, artistic director of The Finger Players, and director of *Not In My Lifetime?*. How can everyday objects be animated to aid communication with our students? How can puppetry help in building social-emotional skills? With **80%** of students with special needs in mainstream schools, and the remaining in special educational schools, what can educators in both learn from one another?

Connections 2019: Working Towards Inclusivity In Education

A workgroup session on creating concrete solutions for inclusivity in education. In February, Connections 2019 had our first panel discussion. A fruitful dialogue ensued, and now we find ourselves thinking, “What’s next?” Join us for a work group session, where we look at the issue of inclusivity in our education landscape from different perspectives.

Connections 2019 - The (r)evolution of Inclusivity in Education

In 2019, the Compulsory Education Act is set to include children with special needs. But, are we ready to go? Are our schools and education system accessible for every individual? Join us for a panel discussion where we explore the topic of accessibility, from the learning and behaviour needs to infrastructure and access to physical spaces.


Connections 2016 Forum: Youth-led Community Projects Using Drama

On 11 Mar 2016, a Connections panel discussion was organised to look at how schools and youth leaders can engage with communities meaningfully through drama. Led by forerunners in the community theatre scene, the session was a thought-provoking one questioning the impact, design and motivations for student directed community projects.

Connections: Defining Arts Integration for Teaching Artists

On 2 September 2016, teaching artists Randy Barron and Sean Layne from the Kennedy Center shared a demonstration of the fine arts centre's definition of arts integration with 25 drama educators and theatre practitioners.


Connections I - Forum: Drama Education in Early Childhood. Is it Child’s Play?

Join our panel of experienced early childhood educators and drama educators from SDEA as we explore and discuss the impact of providing a platform for imagination through drama.

Connections I - Workshop: Drama Education in Early Childhood

On 20 and 21 March 2015, Dr Julie Dunn facilitated two workshops on early childhood to help participants explore through practical activities at developing children’s creativity, literacy and narrative competence, introduce participants to drama strategies that educators and artists can employ to support the development of quality dramatic play experiences for young children.

Connections Forum: Drama for Special Needs

The ‘Drama for Special Needs: Its Benefits and Implementation forum took place on Friday, 9 October 2015 at the library@esplanade to a packed crowd of 48 attendees. The forum was oversubscribed and representatives from 16 special needs schools, principals, counselors and independent teaching artists were in attendance to discuss the place of drama in special needs education.

Connections Workshop: Adapting Drama Games for the Special Needs Classroom

On 10 October 2015, SDEA Members Julius Foo and Michael Cheng co-facilitated the workshop on Adapting Drama Games for the Special Needs Classroom. The enriching workshop was attended by educators and programmers from ITE College West, early childhood centers, MOE schools and the Science Centre who shared their experiences with one another.


Connections II - Workshop & Forum: Performances & Arts Education in Schools

Two workshops led by experienced facilitators offer two possible methodologies for drama teachers and trainers who often task to create short performances with their students for different school events. There is also a forum discussion on the effects of competitions on students and teachers on

Connections I - Workshop & Forum: Drama in the Academic Classroom

Two workshops led by experienced drama educators help your students apply concepts and fundamental skills of Mathematics and Science through Drama! Join us with a panel of educators, independent artists and arts education officers who exchange in-depth discussion of various challenges and benefits of drama in an academic setting.


Connections 2011: Drama Workshop series for Teachers and Drama Educators in Schools

During the first quarter of the year, Connections offers a platform for discussion and reflection on the role of the arts, in particular, drama, within the context of educational institutions. The last quarter of the year brings the second edition of Connections MOE teachers together with drama educators come together improve their skills in various aspects of theatre making, production and curriculum planning.